Blood and Water

A play about the public versus private use of natural resources and whether two brothers leading completely different lives can come to terms with how each has hurt the other. Cast of four, 1 woman, 3 men.

The Dream House

In Chicago, I’ve written a new comedy-satire about Louisa’s frustration as an artist in the real estate bubble/bust and Great Recession. Was it just a long con? Cast of five, 2 women and 3 men. Brand new. Looking for a reading.

Secret Formula

An assisted living facility chaplain secretly administering euthanasia to end suffering finds an unlikely source for living. Cast of eight, 3 women, 4 men.

Reading held October 2, 2018 at First Draft, Chicago Dramatists.

In the Works

Lyndon Agonistes, a dream play about the Furies visit to the LBJ Ranch to help Lyndon realize the mistake he made. 3 women, 1 man, 1 transman.

Produced Plays

Wish Upon a Star, unauthorized intimate reflections with Walt Disney. A one-man show produced at The Cell Theatre, 2017, and Adobe Theater, 2018 in Albuquerque, NM.

Disney 06.jpg

Vernon Poitras as Walt Disney in my play Wish Upon A Star, produced in April at Adobe Theater in Albuquerque.

Confess and Conspire produced at Manhattan Repertory Theatre, 2018.


The cast of Confess and Conspire at Manhattan Reperatory Theatre: From left, David Segarra, yours truly, Veronica Pomeroy, Ita Korenzecher, Danny McWilliams. Director Ken Wolfe, front and center.

The first public reading was at Vortex Theatre in Albuquerque. Reaction generally favorable but 'not enough action,' too much talk.