Magician Bryan Andrew Lambe. My photograph(s). Sometimes, we all feel this way.

Magician Bryan Andrew Lambe. My photograph(s). Sometimes, we all feel this way.

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Vernon Poitras as Walt Disney in my play Wish Upon A Star, produced in April at Adobe Theater in Albuquerque.


The cast of Confess and Conspire at Manhattan Reperatory Theatre: From left, David Segarra, yours truly, Veronica Pomeroy, Ita Korenzecher, Danny McWilliams. Director Ken Wolfe, front and center.

Confess and Conspire

In early December I found an airbnb room in the East Village to camp out in for a meeting with director Ken Wolf of off-off-Broadway Manhattan Repertory Theatre and the cast he had selected for the production of my play, Confess and Conspire.


I've revised this play numerous times following readings. The first public reading was at Vortex Theatre here in Albuquerque. Reaction generally favorable but 'not enough action,' too much talk.


So I revised some more and had a reading at Aux Dog Theatre Nob Hill and as it turned out, I apparently hadn't changed anything! Same kind of comments - 'why don't you write an essay?' Well, the play presents theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer and the very secular Count Harry Kessler. So I added back Marie Luise's sister, Helga, who had been in the original script!

I also added some violence - action - I mean, these two guys had been kidnapped and threatened with death at dawn - it wasn't enough for audiences. So, yeah, some physical violence. Ken Wolf at Manhattan Repertory theatre liked it. So here we go.

Secret Formula

The play is ostensibly about euthanasia but really about something else.  It won a reading at Albuquerque Theatre Guild's new play festival in 2017 and has been revised since then.

In the Works

An as yet untitled play about President Lyndon Baines Johnson's last year in office, as he gives up running for a second term in order to get North Vietnam to the peace talks despite the tumultuous events - war protests and riots, assassinations and the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia.

Blood and Water, a play about water rights and private equity and two brothers who cannot come to terms with each other.